All CRA members can take advantage of the following money-saving programs and benefits.

  • Industry representation at the local, state and national level
  • Access to industry experts, information and resources
  • Monthly and periodic publications
  • Legislative and regulatory alerts
  • Education and training programs
  • Industry leadership opportunities
  • Discounted insurance programs – workers’ comp, property, casualty, business and liquor liability, equipment breakdown, and employment practices liability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Free online Membership Directory & Buyer’s Guide listing
  • Guide listing
  • Discounted credit card processing program
  • Discounted payroll & HR services
  • Discounted music licensing
  • Discounted food safety training
  • Discounted online job listings
  • Discounted alcohol server training
  • Discounted advertising rates
  • Participation in industry forums
  • National Restaurant Association benefits
  • Discounted natural gas


Check out the stated goals of CRA.

ADVOCACY AND GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Protect and advance the foodservice industry in Colorado.

  • LOBBYING: Maintain a powerful presence through influencing local, state and national issues.
  • POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES: Support the CRA and NRA PACs to maximize industry influence.
  • MEMBER INVOLVEMENT: Improve member awareness of CRA issues, positions and achievements. Also engage and train members to manage grassroots advocacy issues at the local, state and national levels
  • GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Utilize the Government Affairs Committee to maximize member involvement and ensure effectiveness.

AWARENESS AND PROMOTION: Convey the positive impact of the industry throughout Colorado.

  • ASSOCIATION COMMUNICATION PLAN: Create and implement a comprehensive communication plan to educate and impact internal (membership) and external (other stakeholders) audiences.
  • MEDIA: Enhance and track media relations to promote the CRA and the foodservice industry.
  • PROGRAMS: Identify and promote programs that elevate the stature of the industry.

MEMBER VALUE: Establish the CRA as the best resource to deliver industry benefits, services, and solutions.

  • THE FIRST CALL: Position CRA as the first call for members seeking business solutions, expertise, and savings.
  • BENEFITS AND SERVICES: Strengthen and expand benefits and services to meet the ever-changing industry.
  • CHAPTERS: Support chapters to further communicate and enhance member value and services in their communities.
  • COLORADO RESTAURANT INSURANCE AGENCY: Collaborate with CRIA to improve insurance offerings to better serve the foodservice community.

EDUCATION AND EXPERTISE: Serve as the preferred knowledge resource for members.

  • EDUCATION: Assess the demand for education and develop a plan to deliver knowledge.
  • COLORADO RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION EDUCATION FOUNDATION: Collaborate with and support the foundation’s education mission.

ASSOCIATION EXCELLENCE: Position the Colorado Restaurant Association as the leading trade association in Colorado.

  • FACILITIES/CRA HEADQUARTERS: Invest in the technology necessary to support the staff and association programs to better serve the members. Also, update and improve the association’s building asset to better serve our staff, members and community.
  • ORGANIZATION: Maintain organizational stability through strong financial stewardship. Dedicate resources to foster ongoing professional development of staff. Collaborate with the Education Foundation and Insurance Agency to deliver excellent industry education, training, benefits and resources.
  • MEMBER LEADERSHIP: Explore a leadership development strategy in order to cultivate future volunteer leaders to guide the organization.

Restaurant Membership Application

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Select total annual gross food & beverage sales of the establishment OR total of the annual gross food & beverage of all operations under any single ownership, whichever is greater. Independent restaurant members enjoy dual membership in NRA!
Annual Gross Sales Annual Dues Monthly Installment
$0-$250,000$250,001-$500,000$500,001-$750,000$750,001-$1,000,000$1,000,001-$2,000,000$2,000,001-$4,000,000$4,000,001-$7,000,000$7,000,001-$10,000,000$10,000,001-$20,000,000Over $20,000,000 $280
School, College, Hospital or Government Retail Food Institution $360

Annual CheckAnnual CCMonthly Credit CardMonthly ACH

I understand that my annual dues rate may be subject to change by the CRA upon renewal. I hereby authorize the CRA to initiate ACH entries to my account or initiate monthly credit card charges to the account provided above. Authorization for ACH entries and credit card charges shall remain in full effect for one year until notice is received by the CRA, and in accordance with all the terms and conditions contained in the CRA Membership Application.